Shipment and payment

1. After placing an order on the website, you will receive an email confirmation that the order has been successfully accepted.
2. We may contact you for your confirmation and if is necessary to clear any details. In all other cases, the products will be sent directly. 
3. The delivery time is from 24 to 72 hours for the territory of Bulgaria. We do not deliver on Sundays and national holidays. The orders received on a non-working day will be sent on the first business day and delivered on the next (or according to the delivery schedule of the courier - for places without a courier office).
4. The shipping is sent to the customer's address or to an office of the courier company Econt Express.
5. Shipments are sent with an option for reviewing before payment. Please, use this opportunity to check if the goods have been damaged during shipment. In the event of spillage, breakage and other damage to the products, the courier needs to draw up a transport damage report, which has to be provided to us in order to send you new products at our expense. If damage is detected but this protocol is missing, the products will no be replaced or the amount will not be rerefunded!
6. The online store accepts cash payments - cash upon receipt of the shipment. The parcels do not contain a cash receipt. Under the agreement signed between our company and Econt Express and on the basis of Ordinance No. H-18 of 2006, Art. 3, on "Registration and reporting of the sales made", the trader is exempt from the issuance of fiscal cash receipts when the payment is made by postal money order from a licensed postal operator, such as Econt Express.
IMPORTANT: When purchasing an item with an invoice to a company, you need to keep the receipt from the postal money transfer issued by the courier company on delivery. This receipt must be attached to the invoice (for companies) and serves as a cash receipt.

7. We always send all orders from an Econt office, which implies that we allocate resources such as time, people and transport to visit it. So we have entered a minimum amount of 5 leva per order.
8. Noktoplastika.Net is a fully online store and the only way to buy and receive our products is by courier delivery.
The delivery price is calculated automatically by the site, depending on whether it is a delivery to an Econt office or to your address (for areas with an Econt office) and according to the amount of the payment.

Regarding shipments to an address, with delivery on a Saturday day, a Priority service is charged with an extra charge of 2.40 leva added to the courier fee amount. If you do not want this cost, please specify that in the order in the "Message" field and we will send the shipment with delivery on a Monday day.
Delivery to Econt's office is free of charge for orders over 120 leva.
Delivery to customer's address is free of charge for orders over 250 leva.